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Year End Badminton Tournament, - The most awaited comeback of Jasaan Badminton is finally here. Prepare to smah Badminton Enthusiast!

Jasaan Badminton Club presents you the Badminton Year-End Badminton Tournament

1. The Tournament is EXCLUSIVE to Jasaanon only.
2. The Tournament will be played 7pm at Tennis Court of Jasaan.
3. The Tournament match will be played in Double Elimination game.
4. The Tournament rules shall comply with Jasaan Badminton Club regulations unless otherwise specified.
5. All players must be register to the google form link provided.
6. Players can only join in 1 Category only.
7. All Players must be fully vaccinated (First dose is considered to play in the game) No Vaccination Card. No Play.
8. All players should wear sports attire. No Shoes, No play policy.
9. All players must be on time in the scheduled game.
10. Other rules and regulations will be announced during the game.


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Year End Badminton Tournament